Note that it may take up to 2 weeks after submitting your paperwork to HR to receive your campus ID and you will be unable to receive a panther ID card or enroll in parking until you receive one.

Associates vs. Fellows

SalaryTypically, from departmental money or a PIs grant.Typically, this distinction occurs if your salary is paid off a grant that has been awarded specifically to you (NSF, NRSA, etc.).
BenefitsYou (and spouses/dependents) are eligible for medical, vision, and dental insurance. In addition, you are eligible for mandatory and optional retirement plans as well as a variety of other perks, such as life insurance and pet, disability, and identity insurance.Depending on your specific grant mechanism, you may not be eligible for GSU faculty/staff benefits. You may, however, be eligible for Student Health Insurance Plans (SHIP) or have funding mechanisms within your grant to secure your own health insurance through the market place (a reimbursable cost to your grant). You are most likely not eligible for retirement plans or other perks available to associates.